Who we are

If you’ve seen other South Tyrolean farms or farmers before, you may be excused for thinking we’ll turn up with the typical, blue apron they wear. Think again: we weren’t born into this life, but chose it and, as such, we’ve adapted to it without giving up on who we are. We love wearing bright, warm colours, like listening to music, reading books, and watching good films. Living life to the fullest. And we’re quite the chatterboxes, even in English! insolito aims to go beyond the cliches of living on a farm, opening our home to the world, nature and, you, our guests. Stefano is a dentist by day, but loves music, and he’s already thinking of organising jazz concerts below the centuries-old hazelnut tree that takes pride of place in the garden. The tree is quite, you’ve guessed it, unique, with the sun hitting it from different angles as the day progresses, its colours and shadow never looking the same. We want to share all this and more with you, providing you with a unique holiday experience. We cannot wait to see you!

Two new apartments